Pioneer of the Utilization of Hydrometallurgical Technology in Indonesia

PT. Trinitan Metals and Minerals Tbk

Metal and Mineral materials processing with environmentally friendly and best quality production process technology

World certified quality & safety

Trinitan holds firm commitments in maintaining product quality and safety for the environment and workers. With international standard certification (ISO) since 2008, Trinitan can certainly meet the standards of your needs.

Processing metals and minerals with a green mindset

Trinitan is one of the pioneers in the use of hydrometallurgical technology in Indonesia. Hydrometallurgical technology is capable of conducting multi-layered purification processes, resulting in minimal solid waste, minimal use of water and energy and maintaining an efficient and pollution-free manufacturing process.

Our products

Trinitan concentrates company resources to produce three types of materials: Lead (Base Metal), Silver (Precious Metal) and Antimony (Rare Metal). All three of our product categories are of high quality and meet certified international standards.


Used as raw material for industrial batteries and motor vehicles, wire coating materials and solder for electronics.

33,900 tons


Used as a semi conductor and also as a main material for high-tech devices such as solar panels and LEDs.

1,050 tons


Used as a synergistic flame retardant material for polyolefins, polystyrene, PVC, plastics, rubber, paints, scratch-resistant, synthetic resins & fibers

2,414 tons

Latest News

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